We now can see missionaries everywhere in the street. When they see you, they approach you. Often, we are not so interesting in talking to them. We know what they want. We know what they need.

The story is beginning with the same form. A missionary saw me on my way home.

Hi, student, I’m woods,” he said. “May I have the pleasure talking to you?”

Well, I have no time now. I’m going to the cram school.” Actually, I am not.

That’s ok. I can go with you until you get the school.” He replied.

No. Uh, I mean I have some time left now. You don’t have to do that.” I was afraid he found out the truth.

Right at the moment I was ready for listening to the “Mormon” stuff and thinking some ways to escape from him, he started.

Now that you don’t have much time, I think I shouldn’t bother you. We open an English class in our church. If you are interesting, just come our church every Wednesday at 7:00 pm. Do you know where it is?”

Sure, it’s right at Chungchen Road, right?”

Right. I hope I will see you then.”

You will.” I lied, of course.

Later, on Wednesday, another way home, the missionary saw me again. He’s going to the church.

Hey, you’re going to the church, right?” he said, “We can go together.”

Surprisingly, He remembered me.

Well, uh, yes. But I just found that I forgot something in the school,” I lied to him again, “so I’m afraid that I can’t go now.”

That’s ok. I go with you. Then we can go to the church together.”

No. uh, I mean that’s not so urgent. I can go to the church with you now.” I just couldn’t believe I said that.

On the way to the church, we talked a lot. I realized that’s not always “Mormon” stuff in their mouth. He told me he’s from the Salt Lake City and just 19 years old.

That’s how we met. After that night, even though I didn’t become a Mormon, we became friends. Because of him, I met some missionaries. About 3 months later, I met him in front of the library. Suddenly, he told me he would go back American next week. I told him that I would see him off in the church.

On Sunday, in the church, we had our pictures taken and a big hug. I asked him for his e-mail address. Six months later, I wrote an e-mail to him. I told him that I was afraid my English isn’t good enough so I didn’t write e-mail to him for such a long time. He replied and said he would not mind if all grammar and words were correct. Now we are sometimes wrote e-mails to each other.