A Foreign Friend

We now can see missionaries(傳教士) everywhere in the street. When they see you, they approach(接近) you. Usually, we are not so interested in talking to them. We know what they want. We know what they need.

The story began with the same form. (故事開始於相同的形式)

A missionary saw me on my way home. He greeted(打招呼) me with a smile. I told him that I was going to the cram school so I had no time talking to him. He said that’s ok, he could go with me until I got the school. I was so afraid he found out the truth, so I told him I had some time left so he didn’t need to do that. Right at the moment I was ready for listening to the “Mormon(摩門教(徒))stuff and thinking some ways to escape from him, he started. He felt sorry bothering(打擾) me and told me they opened an English class in their church. If I was interested in, just came to their church every Wednesday at 6:00 pm. He said he hoped he would see me then. I told him he would.

Later, on Wednesday, another way home, the missionary saw me again. Surprisingly, he remembered me. He looked so happy and asked me if I was going to the church.

Well, uh, yes. But I just find that I forget something in the school, I’m afraid I can’t go now.” I lied to him again

That’s ok. I go with you. Then we can go to the church together.” He said.

No. uh, I mean that’s not so urgent(急迫). I can go to the church with you now.” I just couldn’t believe I said that.

On the way to the church, we talked a lot. I realized that’s not always the “Mormon” stuff in their mouth. He’s from Salt Lake City(鹽湖城,猷他州(Utah)首府,亦為摩門教教總部所在地) and just 19 years old.

After that night, though I didn’t become a Mormon, we became friends. Because of him, I met some missionaries. About 3 months later, I saw him in front of the library. Suddenly, he told me he would go back to American next week. I told him I would see him off(送行) in the church.

On Sunday, in the church, we had our pictures taken(拍照) and a big hug(擁抱). I asked him for his e-mail address. I was so afraid that my English was not good enough, so I didn’t write a mail for a long time. One day, when I was writing a mail, I found I lost his e-mail. Since then, I lose contact with him. I even don’t know he’s real name. But I’ll always remember I have such unforgettable(難忘的) experience.