Thing Are Not As Difficult As They Appear

When we come to a thing that seems difficult to solve, we always want to give up. “I can’t do that.” is the only thought in our mind. But is giving-up the only thing we can do? I don’t think so.

My English was not as good as now I am. I regarded English as the most difficult subject, so I never studied English unless there is a test. I just couldn’t figure out why we had to learn English. Thanks for the encouragement of my teacher. She kept telling me that there is not much difficulty for people to learn English. “Just study hard and keep trying, you’ll find the way for you.” With her encouragement, I did work hard on my English.

As you can see, my English has a big improvement now. I couldn’t say my English is good enough but not too bad at least. Many people said it was unbelievable when they heard I was poor at English.